We want to thank all of our attendees and presenters and especially our sponsors of the 2012 event. It was an amazing event and we learned so much from each other and cannot wait until next year's event. Please review the videos of our presentations on our presentations page.




Joomla Powers The Web - August 10th - 11th, 2012


The Joomla Content Management System comes to the heart of America, CHICAGO!

Joomla! Day Chicago 2012 Business Expo and Learning Conference is 2 full days of Joomla Content Management System fun and excitement.  Connect and learn from other Joomla Content Management System users from around the world. This event is the largest Joomla Day conference in the United States in 2012. This is THE Joomla CMS event to attend in 2012!

 Connect with Entrepreneurs, Business Leaders, Industry Experts, and Visionaries to Learn New Sales, Growth, and Marketing Techniques

Who should attend?
Business Owners, Independents, Sales Teams, Webmasters, Web programmers, Website Administrators, Content Management Professionals, Non-Profit Organizations, Marketing Agencies, Government Agencies, Educational Institutions, Joomla Extension Developers, and People with a Vision

Why should you attend?
Learn, Network, and Grow your business, sales, and brand in today’s “New” Economy. Learn how to leverage the open source Joomla CMS to reach your business goals.

When is it?
Friday, August 10th, 2012 - 10am to 6:15pm
Saturday, August 11th, 2012 -  9am to 6:15pm

Where is it?
Chicago Marriott Midway
6520 South Cicero Avenue · Chicago, Illinois 60638 USA


Joomla! Day Chicago Sponsors

  • /media/zengridframework/imagecache/arctg-960d4b47ad010f2fd2d5061c083a39b9.png

    Arc Technology Group has been developing software - with an ever greater emphasis on web development and web design - for twelve years now.

    Today, that has evolved into content management (CMS), web development and web desig...

  • /media/zengridframework/imagecache/JoomlaShowroom_550w-92f7a8e1b4e1202ba7ba2b8198d73589.png

    Joomla Showroom is very happy to support Joomla Day Chicago 2012 Business Expo and Learning Conference. Joomla! Showroom builds software products and extensions for the Joomla! Content Management System. We specialize in cu...

  • /media/zengridframework/imagecache/ms-logo-b490bf2abd763d3a185acab3c734d8cf.png

    Microsoft has been actively participating in open source http://www.microsoft.com/opensource/involvement.aspx. We value openness and are continually striving to build bridges between open source projects and Microsoft techn...

  • /media/zengridframework/imagecache/siteground-logo-transparent-b6ef4cde7c4c358ea935591ea912eb70.png

    SiteGround web hosting is a leading web hosting company internationally recognized for our special Joomla! expertise. With over 8 years of professional experience in the hosting business and with a rich and constantly-gro...

  • /media/zengridframework/imagecache/magic_logix_logo_300dpi-cba4069268b5ce2d7cb8921e1e470d14.png

    Magic Logix is an interactive digital solutions company that focuses on your business growth through the most up-to-date web-based technology. We craft and deliver compelling websites that utilize the benefits of the latest...

  • /media/zengridframework/imagecache/rochen-logo-083b79567a81468cdf7fcd027d31192b.png

    Rochen is the official hosting provider for Joomla! hosting all of the project’s sites at w.joomla.orgncluding the forum and extensions directory. The company owns and manages all of their own servers and infrastructure...

  • /media/zengridframework/imagecache/stackideas-color-164baf58febdf9ee39097fdd360582cd.png

    StackIdeas is committed to build top quality Joomla extensions that provide users, both professionals and novices, the simplest yet empowering tools to build and maintain websites with this powerful content management syste...

  • /media/zengridframework/imagecache/CNP_logo-2a2de0de60fdbb32da576da7414c739d.png

    CNP Integrations has an engaged global team of technical and configuration experts and employs highly skilled programmers and project managers with the focus of providing the most responsive web application support services...

  • /media/zengridframework/imagecache/savvypanda-c860a8ff4c0c9da97f2e3ee6c518b8b8.jpg

    Joomla Web Design, Milwaukee SEO and Inbound marketing company, Savvy Panda has created award-winning Joomla CMS websites since 2001. Founded on the twelve core values listed below, Savvy Panda continues to serve the we...